One of the best places to find a unique piece…or even a whole wardrobe

So one or two people have been asking us where to go to find something like this or where did you get that jacket from and we wouldn’t normally tell. How ever we know that in this particular shop there is no danger of any one finding the same thing…every piece is unique.

This jacket for example is incredible…

Typically swiss in it’s style…simple and refined. Takes influences from hunting yet is updated by city colours. For the readers of NFB only £35

summer related for the girls are authentic levi cut away shorts…


 1940’s fur coat £50 . Dunn & Co hat only £15 and fold away glasses £10 (will be rocking a pair myself this summer) 

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Visit the stall and the cheeky chappy featured with the vintage lamb fur coat will happily take you on a tour of the shop. He might even consider a bit of barganing. Found at the back of the market opposite the police station we wouldn’t normally plug prices but we couldn’t believe the value
.Can’t decide what to wear the levi shorts with? watch this space for the new stylist feature we’re putting together.

Now if only i had remebered to ask were the name ‘Taxi Vintage’ came from…. look out for the yellow sign.       

Edit; Closed from the 17th untill the 24th while he spends a week sourcing vintage pieces from all over the world.
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