L’OReal Colour Trophy Styling

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We have just got the images through from our styling for The Gallery Hair Salon based here in Norwich. Their expertise is clearly in hair and all credit goes to them! Our selves and Hannah Dunham created the team that was responsible for involvement in the images creation, Clothes sourcing and then styling.

The brief; To create images focusing on The Gallery’s Colour and Cutting work with a view of submitting them to the L’Oreal Colour Trophy.
Through Various discussions we then decided obviously the hair requires the maximum attention and in this case less is more…Which at first thought, a pretty easy concept.

Then we turned to sourcing the clothes. Two females and Two Males.
We wanted to produce a sharp clean and fresh image and we felt tailoring would reflect this. Anything soft, patterned or too textured would distract from the hair. Also silhouettes are a big feature in well-made suits so this was the focus.

We are presenting four individual looks so we thought black and grey is the simplest choice. Colours such as electric blue are of the moment but would soon become dated. The Gallery pride themselves on refined looks that work so this made sense, not to mention their attention to detail!

The brown waistcoat complimented the colour in the models hair perfectly. The four images still had to look of the same salon so for the girls we continued with the nocked back colour and strong silhouettes. Plunging necklines draw your eyes up to the hair and not away from it

what followed was a lot of pinning and adjusting well into the night. Note the change in collar in the men’s shirts to suit their jawline!

All of that just so you don’t pay attention to the clothes!

Anyway the image of theblonde models hair submitted as work of a young colourist at The Gallery has been put straight through to the final by the L’Oreal judges, missing the regional heat completely. Success!

let us know what you think!?


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